image: a large V3 manufacturing logo on an orange background, with the text 'Tanning Mitt Manufacturing Company'


We are the original inventor and patent owner of the self-tanning mitt with over 25 years’ experience manufacturing tanning mitts for the world’s leading tanning brands.

image: three tanning mitts of different designs on an orange background
image: v3 manufacturing logo with text reading Tanning Mitt Manufacturing Co image: 2 orange tanning mitts and 1 black tanning mit on an orange background image: a black and white photo of the tanning mitt production line in our factory image: 7 tanning mitts of different colours layered on top of each other
image: a photo of inside our factory with people working
image: a black and white photo of inside our factory with people working

about us

Our 15,000 sq,ft ultra-modern production facility is located in the UK and is dedicated to the production of tanning mitts.

We use a semi-automated process to produce over 6 million tanning mitts every year and have made and sold more than 80 million tanning mitts globally.

We work with all size of client from independent start-up brands to the largest global brands and retailers.

With 5 international patents
our tanning mitt consistently
drives high rates of
incremental sales within the
tanning category.

image: several bundles of tanning mits stacked together, purple with a leafy pattern
image: 3 tanning mitts on an aqua background, one with a rainbow design, one with a seashell design, and one with a flamingo design